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The "Throne of Gunura" in an OB Year Date Formula
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Author:  Markus Hilgert [ 20 Dec 2007, 11:44 ]
Post subject:  The "Throne of Gunura" in an OB Year Date Formula

Recently, a cuneiform tablet currently housed in a public collection of the state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg was brought to my attention. It is a short Sumerian receipt of a barley loan with interest naming a total of three witnesses. Based on the ductus of its inscription and the personal names, I would date the document to the Old Babylonian period, possibly quite early Old Babylonian. At present, I cannot be more precise than that, as I have been failing to identify the year date formula given at the end of the text: mu us2-sa gu-za {d}Gu-nu-ra ba-til(BAD). Except for a reference to a "throne of Gunura" in CTMMA 1, 41, 10 (allegedly Ur III, Nippur; not OB?), I have found no further attestations of an artifact named thus.

Does anybody know of other occurrences of the date formula cited above and which ruler it can be assigned to? How farfetched is it to speculate that the reference to Gunura might point to an Isin provenience?

Any comments would be welcome. Many thanks in advance,

Markus Hilgert

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