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ú-da-ra in MAD 5,8:6
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Author:  ulshoefer [ 25 Feb 2009, 15:29 ]
Post subject:  ú-da-ra in MAD 5,8:6

Hello to the Forum,

preparing incantations for class in summer, I am sitting on the oAkk love incantation MAD 5,8. Gelb, p. 8 transcribed udarra´? and translated "he drives?".
The most recent Translation i found is Wilcke in Hrouda, Der alte Orient, S. 208, translating "werde ich geleitet", being from taruu, which, however is not attested in D stem. Also, D stem usualy is no passive. The form looks indeed like a 1. or 3. person Present D taruu, but I do not understand it.
Is there any help possible? Unfortunately, I have no access to the ANE-journals which have dealt with this text, so I cannot look wether there is something new since Westenholz 1977 where ú-da-ra is left untranslated, and is stated that it might be a dual Form.

Thanks for any help or commentary,


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