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Author:  ulshoefer [ 02 Aug 2010, 18:33 ]
Post subject:  Mes-UN-du10

Hello to the list,

I recently found (in Selz 2005) and Bär (2009) the statement that the actual reading of this royal name is now Mes-ung (corrsep. to the use of /j/ in e-PSD)-du10.
I know that already Steible (1982) points out that the sign is rather REC 421 (UN) than 420 (KALAM), but states that the reading of the name remains unclear.
CDLI reads sub P222831, P222832, P222833 and P222834 still read the "classical" Meskalamdu.
Is there any opinio communis how to read this name?
I have actually no access to Frayne, RIME 1, where the text(s) / the name is probably also included (though CDLI doesn´t mention it).

Thanks for any help,


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